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A healthier way to work!

 atchHHa  is here to revitalize and energize Home Health Care!

Why pay other apps to track your health and wellness

When you could GET PAID to achieve health and wellness goals?

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We are not your average home health employer

We focus on your health and wellness as worker so you can be at your best

Give the gift of comfort at home by becoming a home health worker with us!

Getting Started


Connect with us!

We'd love to hear about your experiences! Fill out our form to have a chance to spin from our matchHHa prize wheel!


Sign Up!

 Register on our community page to receive an email directing you to our workplace wellness survey. Once the survey is completed, we can get you started on finding your home health match and creating a healthy environment for you as a healthcare worker!   

App Features
(Coming Soon)

We are combining all workplace and health/wellness features on one convenient platform. Take a look below for what's coming up!

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Find your match

Are you a currently or interested in becoming a healthcare worker. Get matched with the perfect  home health client for you!



Get bonuses, prizes, and perks for completing health/wellness tasks and achieving goals!

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Flexible Schedule

Choose the days and times you want to work. 

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matchHHa 'Sips'

Have on demand and easy access to our exclusive self-care tips to help you achieve your goals


Health Tracker

Keep track of your health & wellness goals and achieve them during work hours!


Earn more !

We will be launching are innovative incentive program soon to help you earn more through service owndership.

Feel free to download the app now for a sneak peek!

Here is a quick look....


Flexible schedule

Choose the schedule you want, whether you are a client or home health worker.

Zip code Search

Enter zip code to search for clients or home health professionals in your area

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Interface is easy to use and straight to the point

Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries on partnership, opportunities for funding, and/or investment opportunities!

About Us

At matchHHa, we envision a world where (regardless of the situation) home health clients will NEVER be stuck at home without the home health service they require, which currently happens far too often. We strive to bridge this gap by partnering with home health clients to create healthy work environments for healthcare workers.


Since 2009, we have been providing quality patient service to home health and home care communities in need - 1st with our subsidiary agency, GFK Home Health Care, and now with matchHHa. We remain dedicated to spreading awareness of the millions of individuals needing help at home, while building a network of dedicated home health professionals, and staying committed to the overall health and wellness of both clients and professionals.

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