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The Prototype

Everything's Better when it's "All in One"

Home health and Home Care agencies usually rely on traditional methods of recruiting caregivers to meet the needs of their patients. matchHHa, however, plans to change the status quo. We have developed a new prototype that allows home health agencies to connect directly with caregivers through an all-in-one platform. The goal of this prototype is to help home health agencies improve their recruiting efforts, streamline the caregiver hiring process, and ultimately provide better care to their patients.

How was the prototype developed?

The first step we took was to ask home health and home care agencies about their experiences, struggles, and preferences regarding recruiting and staffing patient care. We conducted extensive research to assess the needs of home health agencies and to better understand the current challenges they face when recruiting caregivers. The data revealed that many home health agencies struggled to find caregivers that met their specific needs. Often, recruiters would be inundated with resumes and applications, but only a small percentage of them would be viable candidates for the job. This made the hiring process lengthy and costly, and many agencies reported that they often failed to find suitable caregivers.

After gathering this data, our team began to develop a prototype that would meet the specific needs of home health agencies. The goal was to create an all-in-one platform that would streamline the recruiting process, saving time and money for the agencies. Our platform allows agencies to connect with caregivers directly without having to go through the traditional recruiting process. Our team recruits, pre-screens , and trains these candidates to make them viable for long term hire. We also encourage patients to create profiles on our platform so they can request the recruited workers directly based on their pre-selected needs.

The second step in developing the prototype was to test it with a small group of

home health and home care agencies. We worked with several agencies to test the prototype and gather feedback. The agencies were asked to click through various steps required to connect with potential caregivers and to provide feedback on the usability and effectiveness of the tool.

The feedback from the agencies was overwhelmingly positive. The agencies reported that the platform would greatly improve their recruiting efforts, allowing them to quickly connect with qualified caregivers. They also reported that the platform would severely reduce the cost of recruiting by eliminating the need for traditional recruiting methods.

The final step in developing the prototype is to refine it and make improvements based on the feedback from the testing group. We are now working to make the platform even more user-friendly and to improve its functionality based on the feedback from the agencies.

The Test Isn't Over!

Overall, the new prototype we developed is set to revolutionize the way home health agencies recruit caregivers. By creating an all-in-one platform that allows agencies to cut out the traditional recruiting process and connect directly with caregivers, matchHHa is set to save agencies time and money while also providing better care to patients. The feedback regarding the prototype in the testing phase shows that there is a significant demand for this type of tool in the home health industry. Email us at if you'd like to join the testing group and provide feedback!

We will continue to offer regular updates about our progress, as well

as exciting updates about new features and partnerships. We will also be sharing useful

content related to home health, so that you all can stay up-to-date with the latest news and advice.

Remember to follow us on our various social media channels @matchHHa_app, and sign up for our email newsletter to receive regular updates about our progress. We believe that with your help, we can help our communities in need, get the home health services that they deserve.

What do you know about home health? Feel free to leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts or visit us at !

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