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Updated: May 11, 2023

Revolutionizing the way provide care at home!

Hello everyone and welcome to our new blog! Our team is officially introducing our app called matchHHa. As a revolutionary new startup, we are changing the landscape of home health and home care. Our mission is to prevent patients from being stuck at home without the necessary healthcare or personal care services that they need. So you may ask, how do we do this? We connect healthcare workers with patients DIRECTLY using our convenient, all-in-one app. This simplifies the hiring process for both patients and Agencies. Our team consists of healthcare professionals, technologists and business leaders, and we are all passionate about improving life choices and increasing time efficiency when it comes to care at home.

matchHHa is here to revitalize and reenergize home health and home care!

Changing the Norm

matchHHa is different from other recruiting startups out there. We focus exclusively on home health and we involve patients in the caregiver selection process. The home health industry can benefit from new technology that can help patients get the care that they need, and on time! Our platform solves a common problem in the industry: a lack of an all-in-one system, which often results in frustrated patients and Agencies taking the blame. Many people are not aware of the available healthcare services in their area, and many Agencies don't have the necessary tools to consistently provide the services needed. matchHHa aims to change all of this by creating a centralized platform that promotes connection and collaboration between patients and healthcare workers.

Feedback is key!

We decided to build our app in public because we strongly believe in the power of community engagement. Our app is being built with patients, Agencies, and healthcare workers in mind. So we want to ensure we have as much feedback from these communities as possible before we do a re-launch. By building our app in public, we are able to connect with you in real-time, and to iterate our features based on feedback from actual users. Our team also wants to encourage our users to stay engaged with the matchHHa community through our various social media channels. We will be offering regular updates about our progress, as well as exciting updates about new features and partnerships. We will also be sharing useful content related to home health, so that you all can stay up-to-date with the latest news and advice.

Remember to follow us on our various social media channels, and sign up for our email newsletter to receive regular updates about our progress. We believe that with your help, we can help our communities in need, get the home health services that they deserve.

What do you know about home health? Feel free to leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts or visit us at !

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